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Brandon Advertising Fabric Survey -- did I really win a Singer sewing machine?

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Did anyone take the fabric and hobby survey for Brandon Advertising recently?
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Call them. If you can't find them in the yellow pages, likely they're phishing. Also, look at the information they want from you. IF they ask for ANY personal info beyond a phone number or address, forget it. They don't need bank info, PINs, soc sec #'s, or anything like that over email! Contact the BBB and see if they've had any reports, too.
I called them, they are a national advertising agency.

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I called them, they are a national advertising agency. The man giving away the sewing machine returned my calls and said he will send me an email with a tracking number -- but I have not received it yet. I didn't get to talk with him in person, but I found newspaper articles with his photograph saying he worked for Brandon Advertising. He does not know the model number, and he doesn't know what kind it is, except that it is a Singer.

SO -- I'm very excited and optimistic that I will soon have a new sewing machine! Weirdly, I had not sewed in over thirty years and just bought a Kenmore 19606 from Craigslist two weeks ago! What are the odds?
I think that's kinda cool! Good luck!
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Very cool - congratulations!
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