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Braxton-Hicks anyone?

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Boy! Last night I had a million BH contractions! It got me up out of bed. Seems like every time I touched my belly, it was hard as a rock, also my lower back was a little achy w/ each one (this is new). I knew enough not to get excited, but this was my first experience with more than one or two happening in a row. They're pretty much gone today, though I have had more than usual. I guess I'm getting all toned up! GO UTERUS!!
ps- I'm due April 19th
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Hehe... woohoo! It's so awesome how our bodies gear up for what's to come. I get excited about the increasing BH too, not in a delusional "omg is this labor" way, but more of a "wow! my body really works!" kind of way! So completely awesome

I'm due April 19 too! Fancy that!
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i've had BH for months now. at this point they are a little annoying to me. i wonder with each one when they will begin to change in turn into real ones, and if i wont get that i am in labor for a little bit because i am so used to dealing with BH all day long.
I was all excited about them a few weeks ago, now they are just annoying. I've been on and off with prodromal labor for a week at least now and I feel like I'm losing my mind! I've even had evenings where they get rather intense and start getting closer together (they don't go away with any of the usual water, rest, activity, warm bath suggestions either). The good news is that I have already made some cervical progress so hopefully my labor should go well if/when he ever decides to come out
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I've never had a Braxton Hicks, but I'd sure like to be gearin' up and gettin' ready with y'all.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi
I have had hardly any (that I can recognize as contractions, anyway). I have plenty of aches and pains, but none that feel like they're accomplishing anything!
: I am also due April 19th.

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I've had quite a few and I'm due April 26.

Mom to 4 daugters and ? due end of April
I have them a lot during the day. At night I have long crampy ones that feel exactly like the beginning of labor. With my last 3 births, I went into labor at 10pm, so I think it is really neat that I have stronger BH at night. I am assuming that I will have another night labor kick off!!!! My body must like night mind sure doesn't!

I am due April 18th!

Any of you April 18ers or 19ers dialated at all?
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Most days I've been having lots of them. I'm surprised actually to have not had many today. I can have one that lasts 2 hours. I'm sore from the BH and the early contractions!

Today I'm really resting and I wonder if that has to do with the lower number of BH? Not sure. Lots of heartburn though, despite baby having dropped. Not sure why that is...It is an adventure
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I would give anything to make these BH contrax be something real!

I get them all the time. For weeks and weeks and weeks. More at night. Lots when I am nursing dd. When I change position (e.g. go from lying down to standing up)...then I immediately have to pee. Argh.

Unfortunately they are doing nothing! My cervix has NOT received the message that we're supposed to be squeezing a baby out of there. Deny, deny, deny, lol.
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