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Break cut short

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I had a sort of built-in break tonight that was cut short. On Wednesdays Punkin usually goes out to dinner and then to church with the in-laws (who take care of her while I'm at work.) Tonight they went to dinner and then brought her home early. They had a good reason (she was tired, they thought sitting through a church service might be too much for her.), but I'm disappointed. I don't have opportunity to get online much (I go in spurts. Sometimes it's daily for 2 or 3 days, then it might be a couple of weeks before I get to even check email again, let alone check on boards, update my livejournal, etc.)

Yes, my child comes first (and I'm trying to finish this up quickly). But this week has been SOOO stressful on so many levels, and a little break would have been SOOOO nice.

Oh well. Sorry for the vent.
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Oh, I know how much a planned break can mean in terms of sanity! Sorry you missed out on this. I hope you can get it some other way!
i know how that goes. I even feel guilty for feeling disappointed. I love my son but sometimes i just need some time away from him that i'm not working. kwim?
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