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Breaking out like a teenager?

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Ugh - from ear to ear around my hairline across my forehead, I'm breaking out like crazy - not little pimples, but like blackheads that you can't pop. Hard pores basically. They are driving me NUTS! I have no idea how to fix/prevent it as I wash my face once a day and my skin is already on the dry side so I think it would aggravate it more to wash more frequently.

Anyone else or any ideas?
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A breakout on my back was one of my first pregnancy symptoms! UGH!

and STILL getting them, huuuuge painful zits.

only thing I know of to get rid of them completely (washing more often only makes them worse) is to wait for the second trimester...
Yes! I have one of those huge painful ones right by my nose. It's like HELLO I'M A ZIT!!! I remember this with DD, but I don't remember it being this bad... well, at least we don't have that many weeks left until the second tri!

Whoa... 3 weeks from tomorrow I'll be in the second tri! That went fast.
Azelaic acid cream (Rx only or order from overseas) is completely safe in pregnancy and gently unclogs your pores. I rely on it!
OP, that is exactly the kind of break outs I have- in all three pregnancies. I never even had acne this bad as a teenager! I have tried everything (but the azaelic (sp) acid and now just live with it. Ugh.
I don't get teenage acne when pregnant, my skin just turns into PMS-skin, which for me is one HUGE, under-the-skin, red and painful to the touch, pimple, somewhere really conspicuous like right in the middle of my chin or my cheek. As soon as it goes away, another one pops up in another very conspicuous area.
Ugh, I've been dealing with breakouts since I got my BFP! One thing that I've notice totally helps is steaming my face. I just will put a small saucepan full of water on the stove and heat it till it boils and then I take it into the bathroom, stick it on a hot pad and then put a towel over my head and steam my face for a bit. It really helps to open the pores and clear them out. Plus, it softens things up so those hard blackheads won't be so hard anymore and you may be able to extract them (I can't help myself and will have to pop them). Just make sure your face is clean before you steam it.

I've been getting facials occassionally too, but I think steaming my face twice a week is helping more and it's definitely not as expensive!!!
I too am having the lovely acne experience. I have a variety of normal zits, blackheads and the under the skin painful ones. Face and back too which sucks. It is worse this time than I remember for the past two.
Another one here with acne worse than my teenage years! Boo! And i did NOT have this with my last pregnancy! joy.....
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