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I am in the slow process of weaning. However, I've noticed that it seems like my left breast has already been is definately smaller in general.<br><br>
Now,I don't mind this, but my RIGHT breast is still actively producing, and is completely mismatched and looks rather grotesque next to the smaller counterpart.<br><br>
I've been having my son latch onto the left breast much more, but the left breast remains small and the right one fills up and hurts. I am trying to even them out....or at least get the right one to stop filling up so much. I let him sip at the right breast for literally less than a minute (just to relieve some of the engorgement), but AFTER he is on the left breast.<br><br>
Any other suggestions? Should I even bother letting him on the right one? How long does it take before the right one begins to slow its milk production if I don't let me son partake as much on that side?
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