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Breast feeding & pregnant - supply DOWN

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Hi - not sure where to post this.
DS is 19 months, and I"m 6 weeks pregnant, and the milk supply continues to go down. He's been waking up at 2 am wanting to play, and I think it's because he nurses from side to side finding no milk, and then waking. This morning, he pulled of after trying both sides, pointed and shook his head. I pump 2x a day at work, and this am was the lowest output yet - 1.5 oz after 15 minutes ( used to get 10 oz for 10 minutes).

what do to??? I would normally be rejoicing (2 months ago I was praying to be done with pumping), but DS has several food allergies (including to milk & soy) and I really think he needs the BM!

any advice is welcome!!!
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I am right there with you only my baby is 8 months old. I am actually thinking of asking some friends for some of their milk....we'll see.
There really isn't anything you can do. Pg hormones take priority over breastmilk production, some women do manage to keep their supply, but others are not so lucky. I've always lost my milk very early on as well.
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I figured it was the hormones. I have noticed the supply going down increasingly, so I"m expecting it will just completely peter out at some point. Poor DS is pretty much just comfort nursing I think, although he is on for loonng stretches of time...
You can always offer almond milk. My DS loves it -- vanilla and chocolate are big hits. They sell it at most grocery stores, Whole Foods, etc.

With that said, I'm not sure why your supply is low, but maybe keep offering. What about eating more oatmeal and water? And is Fenugreek safe to take while pregnant?
I went to the midwife yesterday and she said it's normal for supply to do down to nil, and it will probably just keep going down. DS is allergic to peanuts & nuts, so almond milk is out
but if he doesn't drink the rice milk or something, it might have to be formula just because he does not enough and I will worry about him nutritionally. we're going to the nutritionist next week...
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