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Breast Pain - WWYD? (X-post)

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For about 3 weeks now, I've had a painful spot (maybe the size of a nickel) deep in my breast. I only notice it when I am leaning against something, when DD is nursing on top of me, or when I press on it.

I can't tell if there is a lump since I have fibrocystic breasts (very lumpy to begin with). My question is whether I should wait and see if it goes away or whether I'm just being stupid and should get to a doc ASAP. (I don't have an ob/gyn since I quit the practice who delivered my DD, and I strongly distrust docs in general!) Oh, and I'm 33 (soon to be 34), no history of cancer, etc. DD is almost 3 and nurses only 3 times a day/night.

Any advice? Could this be mastitis? Abscess?
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I would go with what my gut impressed me to do. If it's troubling you enough... not necessarily in a physicaly way, mind you... then figure out what you can do about it - what you feel comfortable doing about it.

I'm sorry I'm not much help. I was very lucky to have no real boobie issues after I quit working and didn't have to deal with the rock hard boob issues of not being able to pump or nurse for more than 5 hours at a time... so that's the only real problem I know about myself.

I hope some other knowledgeable mamas respond! good luck!
If your gut doesn't tell you to get to a doctor ASAP, then you can always treat yourself herbally for a clogged duct/mastitis.
--Make some rosemary infusions (basically tea made with rosemary instead of a tea bag, and steep for 15 minutes), add a little honey. Doesn't taste too bad at all!
--Make the same infusion with thyme instead of rosemary, but be warned that thyme *can* lower your supply. I added lots of honey to this one because it doesn't taste too good to me!
--Eat lots of raw garlic. I ate about four cloves chopped up very small and swallowed with water (like a pill), three times a day. You're going to smell like garlic for as long as you do this, but it's worth it!
--Apply heat to affected area (heating pad, hot compress, etc.) a couple times a day, especially before nursing. This will help loosen the area if it is a clogged duct.
None of these things are dangerous or toxic, so if your lump isn't a clogged duct/mastitis, it won't hurt. On the other hand, these things all have antiviral/antibiotic properties, and the honey stimulates the immune system.
I used these methods for clogged ducts twice, and the pain was gone in less than 36 hours!

Hope this helps! Be well, Mama!
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Thanks for the support Tori - I appreciate it.

And, MommieofPunkiePie, thank you for the wonderful, natural suggestions! Much appreciated.

I've actually determined over the past few days that the pain goes away after I nurse. DD has all but dropped her mid-day nursing, so I noticed the pain all day long, it seemed. Then, one night after nursing, I checked and it was gone. Does this mean plugged duct? Off to do some reading. And make some rosemary/honey tea.
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