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breast pump recommendations

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I am planning to return to work part time in about 8 weeks time. My baby was born last week
I work every other weekend at night time 11pm-7am. My DH will be home with the kids. What kind of breast pump would you recommend. I don't want to spend too much but I would like an electric one. I have a hand pump now but I don't want to be using it at work.
Any ideas....
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I have a Pump In Style which is super nice. My insurance paid for it as durable medical goods, is that an option for you?
I have also heard good things about the Ameda Purely Yours, which is less.

Keep in mind that you can sell your pump later on and get some return on it, so try to get the nicest one you can afford. It will make a difference!
I think sells the Pump In Style the cheapest.
You can also get the Purely Yours cheap at, it's cheap without the carry bag and other accessories. The motor is light and fits in my purse so I don't even need the carry bag.

I've used both of these pumps and they work equally well. The Purely Yours is gentler, in my opinion, and the horns are a little bit roomier so more comfortable, but they are both excellent.

I think double pumping is good for any work situation because pumping one side at a time really takes forever and is therefore impracticle for most people. So even though you aren't working often, a double pump is still worth it, IMO.
I had great success with the Ameda Purely Yours. I also really liked my Avent Isis hand pump and think I could have gotten away with using it exclusively, but had already invested in the electric pump. So I left the PY in my office and used the Isis if was out of the office when I needed to pump.
I got my Pump In Style from Hackley Home Medical for around $225. With my first son, I worked 24 hrs/week and got by with an Avent Isis.
I am a fan of the Pump In Style, the original, not the advanced. The case that it comes in, the briefcase-style one, is particularly well designed. It has the right amount of storage and pockets in all the places you want pockets. It even has a spot for your DC's picture right above the pump, which helps with letdown.
We got a brand new PIS advanced on ebay for ~$200. I love that pump. All the women I work with use PIS too.
Congratulations on your new baby!!!
I tried a DE pump (ameda) and couldn't get nearly the same volume of milk, and after like 20min I got irritated and gave up. I think I ended up with a total of like 6oz.

With my harmony hand pump, I could get 12-16oz per session at the time (first baby was a voracious eater, now I'm getting 10oz or so per session with my little guy) in 20min or so, sometimes less.

I gave up. the idea of a DE pump appeals to me, but i'm hesitant to try again, being as the pricetag for a harmony = 35 bucks, and a PIS =200!

I told my DH I should buy a second so I can wash it more frequently (I rinse it after my second pump of the day and wrap it up in a prefold and wash it in the dishwasher on the weekends, I don't even get home until after 7 or 8pm) and since the pricetag is much lower....

And i am a fulltime mama....I've worked in excess of 80-120hr workweeks while my older was still nursing and pumping!
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thanks for the responses. a friend has lent me a pis! boy, pumps are so expensive!
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