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I have enormous breasts.
: I just returned home from my yearly pap exam where my nurse practitioner asked me if I had ever considered breast reduction surgery and gave me a referral to a plastic surgeon. I have considered breast reduction since beginning to grow them when I was 10. One of my big concerns, however, is the effect the surgery might have on my being able to nurse future children. I've done a lot of reading on the subject but everything I've read seems to be mixed. I had told myself that I would hold off even looking into the possibility until after we are finished having kids but now I'm not so sure. Granted, I haven't even talked with a plastic surgeon yet so who knows what she/he will say. Also, I should note, I had difficulty BFing DS because, at least in part, due to my humongous boobs.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone out there has had experience with breast reduction & nursing. What are your thoughts, experiences, advice? Anyone know anything about this? Thanks in advace for your help! ~ Brook

EDITED TO ADD: Oops, I just saw the thread entitled Bfing After Surgery (I think) & it has a great link. If anyone else has any thoughts please, please, please feel free to respond or to PM me. Thanks!
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