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Breast tenderness?

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Hello all,

First of all, CONGRATS and welcome to all the new sweet babes! Sounds like a lot of the April mamas are having their babies! What fun...and so exciting!

I have not posted since the beginning of our pregnancies, yet try to check in now and again to see how everyone is doing. However, I tried to limit my computer time this pregnancy!

That said, I am writing tonight to see if anyone else has experienced this -- breast tenderness as a sign of labor coming on? I am due on Saturday, and was late with our second child -- so was assuming that I had at least another week to go...and yet yesterday and today, I have had a lot of "cleaning out" diarrhea with loads of B/H and a few real deal contractions last night. Other than that, nothing. Yet tonight when I took off my bra, my breasts killed! They feel like they did at the beginning of pregnancy...very tender to the touch and movement. UGH! One of them even looks a little streaky -- almost like mastitis, yet no fever, and no clogged ducts that I can tell.

Just wondering if this sounds familar to anyone.

Thanks! ANd best of luck and happy baby moons to everyone!

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Not sure if this is comparable, but I still have milk/am nursing my 22 mo. And in the past few days suddenly my nipples really feel like mincemeat again (like they did in my first trimester).

I have strong B-H contrax all the time now, but as of a week ago nothing was happening in terms of dilation/effacement. I see my dr again this afternoon....

Hope you are on the way!
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