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Breastfeed Baby and Constipation?

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Please help me help my cousin who is thankfully bf'in- I'm so pround

Anyway, at week 6 she gave the baby 1/2 oz formula in bottles with expressed bm for a couple days in a row- she said she was having trouble pumping. Anyway, babe immediately got constipated so she stopped and immediatey went back to bf'ing only. However, the baby is only pooping every 4-5 days and is in obvious discomfort, when the stools do pass they are soft however although the baby seems to be straining and have lots of gas. She has been giving the baby apple juice hoping it will help, obviously it hasn't. So, does anyone have any ideas? I want to motivate her to keep going and give the baby some relief. I have read that the constipation can be a sign of a food allergy, but I don't know what other things it could be!!

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please excuse my terrible typos...
It is normal for a breastfed baby of that age to go over a week without having a BM. Straining and gas is not a sign of constipation, hard, pellet like poops are. She should not give the baby juice. Has mom tried eliminating common allergens and gassy foods from her diet to see if it helps with the gas? Ds had problems when I ate beans or broccoli in his first few months.
sorry, my wording was poor, I shoudln't have put constipation. I mentioned the common allergens. I know that the juice isn't a good idea. I just didn't want to come across as bossy. Anyone, know a easy and straightforward way to explain why the juice isn't good?? Without coming off like a know it all.
Trishy, thank you so much. I did a search on yesterday, but was having trouble retrieving the articles I wanted. I just found I am prego and seem to be losing brain cells already.....
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