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Dr. Brian Donnelly, a pediatrician and husband of leader Cindy<br>
Donnelly has been meeting with his state representative, Mike Turzai,<br>
regarding problems with breastfeeding in public places in Pennsylvania.<br>
Representative Turzai and the Health and Human Services subcommittee<br>
need to be convinced that this is a real problem for breastfeeding<br>
woman. If you or any mother that you know has experienced difficulties<br>
such as harassment or being asked to leave because of breastfeeding in a<br>
public place in Pennsylvania, please have them contact Representative<br>
Turzai at <[email protected]> Especially needed are woman who are<br>
willing to go to Harrisburg, which Rep. Turzai will help coordinate, to<br>
testify before the Subcommittee. Even if you can’t go to Harrisburg,<br>
you can let your state representative and/or senator know of your<br>
difficulty. Every complaint that a woman can make to a state<br>
representative and/or senator would be useful. For every complaint made,<br>
they presume there are about 100 people who never got around to making a<br>
complaint. To find and contact your state representative and/or senator<br>
go to <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Please pass this on.<br><br>
Liz Healy<br>
Area Coordinator of Leaders in Western PA
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