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breastfeeding and birth control?

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what do you use? I have been getting AF regularly for the last 5 months....and would like to have BC for myself so that NOTHING know.....2 forms of BC at all times?? Is it safe to go on a hormonal BC pill? what about iud's? i have heard horror stories about those though....kinda weirds me out....anyway...what do you use/have you used? side effects? love it? hated it?
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Be very careful if considering hormonal birth control while bfing. Read these facts:
Yikes! I just read the link on Kellymom - thanks for the post - I was going to start the "mini-pill" this weekend! (Now...maybe not!)

I have a non-hormonal IUD. It was inserted at 7 weeks postpartum and ds is now 13 mo. No problems so far. I'm loving it. My periods were VERY heavy for about 8 months but it seems to be better now.
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