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Hello Everyone,
New to the forum. My husband and I have a little 14 month old baby girl and we are both 35. I feel the tick tock of the fertility clock now that we have hit the magick 35. Although we got pregnant on essentially the intial tries, my formerly stable schedule has begun to swing anywhere from 35 to 28 days now that I stopped pumping milk at work. My APRN says this is due to changes in hormones in response to breastfeeding. The problem is, now I can't predict my ovulation times like I used to. Anyone else experience this? Truthfully, I want another child. A sibling for my girl. I still don't sleep more than the occassional 4 hours every few weeks at a time. I am still sleep deprived and working full time. Am I crazy? I just feel this intense longing for one more. A calling perhaps? I recently had a scare where there was a possibility I might have cancer and that was all I could think about - was a baby. And now that I know I am well, I think, why not?
Anyway, the plan is this summer we start trying. I welcome your shares.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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