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Breastfeeding and the mother's diet

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I was wondering this, how good does the mother's diet have to be in order for her milk to be ok? I eat but I don't "sit down" and eat 3 meals a day. I nibble here and there pretty much all day, and I started eating those lean cuisine meals at lunch, every day (I loved them) but I don't exactly watch WHAT I'm eating. My supply has always been abundant (VERY) but I usually wait until I'm hungry to eat (and sometimes I don't even find the time or don't like anything in the fridge so I'll eat a yummy chocolate

am I risking my bf'ing relationship by having a less-than-perfect diet???

(and if I am, can you give me tips on having a good diet? what foods do I need?)
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I'm sitting here surfing while I read "Dancing Skeletons: Life and Death in West Africa" by Katherine A. Dettwyler. In areas where malnourishment is common, it generally doesn't show up in children until they are weaned. Even when somewhat malnourished, a mother can give her babe good nourishment and nutrition.

I somehow doubt you're malnourished. Your diet can be a LONG LONG way from "perfect" w/out shortchanging your baby in any way.
thanks. but I also have another question... do you mamas watch what you eat? do you make sure you take in a certain amount of calories per day?
Try to take the time whenever possible to prepare balanced meals for yourself. Because taking care of you is important, too. Your body is smart--it'll suck up the available nutrients to send to the milk first. So be sure and replenish for yourself.

Keep healthy munchies handy...fruit, raw veggies, nuts, cheese, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, whole grain breads and crackers. And me personally, I make sure I have a stash of organic chocolate nearby!

Okay, I've made myself hungry! I'm off to have an apple with peanut butter.

Take care!
Hey, I think we we're posting together!

I don't count calories...I just eat as hunger dictates.
I tend to snack thru much of the day. But some days I'll suddenly have a low blood-sugar attack (shaky, maybe dizzy, really hungry) and realize I haven't eaten for hours and hours.I try to keep quick nutritious snacks around for those times, and try to get in one sizeable balanced meal a day.
I don't count calories. Every since I got pg, I've had serious problems with blood sugar stabilization. If I don't eat something every couple of hours, my blood sugar will drop into the 30s (NOT GOOD) so that pretty much dictates when I eat.

I did have a short amount of time that I tried to cut calories to lose some baby weight and I abrubtly lost my milk supply... so I have to keep a fine line to ensure I keep supply.

I've given up on shedding the baby weight until she's no longer needs my milk.
I think that while nursing it would be dangerous to limit calories but you can stay active without any worries. Walking, bike riding and dancing are easy ways to keep your metabolism up. I get a great amount of stress released after a good physical workout. I also sleep better. Moderation is of course key to not adding poundage!

I think it is important to set aside a workout for yourself. Chasing the kids around all day just isn't the same as talking a brisk walk, riding your bike on errands or getting seriously funky on the dance floor with the kiddos.

I'm still nursing and weigh less now than ever before and I never have restricted my calories only made exercise a priority. Also you may one may begin to pay closer attention to what is eaten!
eat when you're hungry, drink when you're thirsty. try to make healthier choices, but if you eat generally well then i wouldn't worry. and even if you eat REALLY badly, your baby will not suffer, your milk will have what your baby needs...YOU might suffer though. so eating well is really for your benefit, but your baby is getting everything she needs.

most of us overeat you don't need any extra to lactate. and you don't need to eat impeccably healthy--this just makes breastfeeding complicated when it doesn't need to be. and if you eat to your cravings, that can help. your body knows when it's missing something important.
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