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OOPS THOUGHT THE FIRST ONE DIDN'T POST! DIDN'T MEAN TO POST TWICE I am looking to give one as a gift to a new mom who intends to breastfeed her baby (due this month)but will have to return to school in January. So she will have maybe a month of being at home before she returns to school. I want to support her in her effort of continued breastfeeding. She is going to a breastfeeding class and has bought her pump, but thought she might want a reference book to have at home to help her with the specific issues of pumping, storing, keeping up her milk esp. in that newborn stage, etc.<br><br>
I have stayed at home with my son and only read the nursing mother's companion. I don't remember there being much in that book for her, but maybe I wasn't concerned with that stuff so don't remember it.<br><br>
Does anyone have any good suggestions on books for this?<br>
I checked out the Good Breastfeeding books sticky, but it seemed like they were all for more the general how-to stuff.<br><br>
Does Dr. Jack Newman's book touch on these issues? IF so , that could maybe be a good all-round reference for her.
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