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Breastfeeding class South Elgin

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Please pass this on to anyone that may be interested
Three-Hour Breastfeeding Class

* Latching On
* Breastfeeding Problems
* Milk Production
* Hunger Signs
* How Much Is Too Much
* How Much Is Enough
* Breastmilk Storage
* Pumping
* Weening
* and much much more ...

Date: May 9, 2009
Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm
Location: South Elgin, IL
Fee: $40

Experience the benefit of a smaller class size, 4-6 couples, compared to 12-15 at a hospital. More one on one time, more hands-on instruction, more time for questions. ... all in a far more comfortable, relaxed setting.

Class Enrollment Instructions

Register via email at [email protected]
Register via telephone at 847.975.2464

Sign Up Today! Space Is Limited!
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