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Breastfeeding Day Plans!

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We met at the Auburn library and the kids ran in circles and played while we organized. Well, this isn't a tightly run ship. It's a fun gathering of people. "A peaceful demonstration to promote awareness on the benefits of breastfeeding and the rights of mothers to nurse their babies wherever and however they need to."

butterflyma is keeping track of volunteers
So go on over to her thread to see what's going on. Then sign up

I'm going to email as many people as I can. You can too. There is an official flyer
you can print up and post at your grocery store, co-op, child's preschool, doctor's office, etc.

Or email people.
To cut down on flooding inboxes, if you think of a certain organization that should get the info, let me know (post it in this thread or PM me).
So far, I only have a short list. The LLL leaders already know. I'm going to contact my local WIC office and put up a flyer. They are lovely and right down the street. I'm sure they'll have more ideas. And NAPS and PALS will be getting an email shortly.

The Seattle Center will put out a table and chairs for us. You can check in at the table if you want. Or not. Strollers need to be checked in by 3:15 - It would helpful if you marked your stroller in some way before dropping it off. We will dismantle the stroller words around 5. So come pick up your stroller starting around 5:15.

Don't forget sunscreen for the kiddos and something for them to swim/get wet in. Pack a picnic too. There is food for sale at the Seattle Center too (in case you've never been there).
Here's a campus map
If it rains, there is a covered walkway off to the side that leads to the Children's Museum. We could probably hang out under there for a bit.

I'll be there with my nurslings, strollers, and balloons. Come join us so people can see that breastfeeding is normal! And cameras. Don't forget your cameras. (Mine is in the shop and won't be ready
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Kava - A million thank yous!!!

The only thing I wanted to add is that there will only be chairs for the info table. I figured people would bring blankets for the grass. There isn't going to be a roped off area for the event. The idea is just to use the fountian as a gathering point. I picture people all around the fountian area relaxing in the sun and enjoying eachothers company.

You are right..this isn't a tightly run ship. It's very laid back. But we still need volunteers to answer questions ect.. so please post on that thread if you want to help.

Thanks to all of you for the support.

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Thanks for the head's up. I've never been in it. Just watched kids playing in it.
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