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breastfeeding dvd?

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not sure if this is the right section to post this question, but is there a breastfeeding dvd that has:

1. All the information about the medical/economic benefits of breastfeeding

2. Shows latches and positions

3. provides information about breastfeeding rights/laws

4. supports extended breastfeeding/ childlead weaning

i am a single college student and have alot of friends starting to marry and get pregnant. i would like to show them a dvd early in thier pregnancies so they can be better informed. any suggestions?
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That's a good idea to get a video for your friends to see. I'm aware of some from La Leche League and vary quite a bit in price. They mostly cover the basics of breastfeeding, how to get latched on well. I don't know of any that cover the current breastfeeding laws and doubt if any exist since it's expensive to put out a video and the laws change so frequently, it would be hard to keep a video current in that regard. But here's a website with the current breastfeeding laws. It's updated through Oct. 2005.

Here are the descriptions of the DVDs.
Mother's Milk: A Breastfeeding Guide Guide to the first weeks of breastfeeding, provides tips for preventing common challenges, including changes in breasts, engorgement, latch-on techniques and employment. $45

Getting Started with Breastfeeding Learn the basics of breastfeeding, getting baby to breast, positioning and how to tell if baby is getting enough milk. $18.95

The Benefits of Breastfeeding featuring Dr. Ruth Lawrence, combines scientific facts with personal thoughts and feelings of parents. Discusses the benefits of breastfeeding for the mother; common questions, as well as the keys to breastfeeding success. Only in VHS $59

Others I know of:
The Real Deal on Breastfeeding about $21

Nature's Way: Video Guide to Breastfeeding about $18


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Jack Newman's video was good on latches etc. but short on the other info. It would be good for new preggos though.
thanks for the info., and hopefully something exhaustive will come out soon
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