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Breastfeeding ESP?

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I was just wondering if this is "normal" or if my breasts have ESP...

When I am away from ds I always "know" when he is getting hungry and fussing- I feel my milk start to let down and I think "oh Grey needs me" and sure enough the phone rings and my mom says "Jen, Grey just started crying, I think he's hungry"

It doesn't just happen when it's been 2 hours and my breasts are getting way full either- just yesterday I took ds over to my mom's and I had just fed him and I left and I felt my milk let down and I thought "weird he can't be hungry" but sure enough my mom called and nothing she was doing was working to calm him- he wanted to nurse...

I don't even need a cell phone to know when to come running
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I have also had this happen. It is really something. I can also be sleeping soundly and before ds even wakes up i will cause the sensation of my milk letting down has woke me up.
I was completely amazed when this happened to me. I felt such an awesome connection with my little babe! Even now, when he is 12m old, I feel the "tingle" when I am away from him. I usually call my mom and she says something like, "He's Hoo-ing for nursies!" Haha
This just happened to me today. I thought I was nuts. I had a meeting with a new client, and I had to wrap things up because I knew I needed to go nurse. Sure enough, she was fussing big time when I walked in and my H had given her a bottle of EBM, but she just really wanted the real thing, I guess. Today was the only time it's happened to me, and I thought I was imagining things, because it was less than 2 hours that I was gone.
Yep, this sounds so familiar. I just "know" when it's time. I don't get too full, don't watch the clock, etc. It just happens and I know exactly when dd starts fussing that it's time. When I'm away(usually as terribly far as outside!!!! no further!) I usually have that tingling feeling and my milk lets down and less than a minute later dh walks outside yelling, "sara needs boob!" I too am a member of the bf'ing esp club! Isn't the bond between baby and mama amazing?!
This is so true for me as well. Just like you know when they've woken up (in another room) even if they haven't made a peep.
glad to know I'm not alone! It really is amazing the connection mamas and their babies have!
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