Australian Senator multitasks like a badass as she moves motions on the floor.

Not long ago, we told you about a hero of ours, paving the way for normalizing nursing everywhere, including the floor of Australia's Parliament. Now, we again cheer Senator Larissa Waters on as she and her daughter, Alia Joy, continue to make history, this time by nursing her baby while making a motion in Parliament.

Senator Larissa Water's baby girl, Alia Joy, was the first baby to be nursed on the floor of the Australian Parliament, and while Alia's mother was proud of the honor, she feels it sad that it's such an uncommon thing for mothers in legislation, or anywhere for that matter.

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In May, Senator Waters tweeted about how proud she was to be breaking barriers in nursing and once again, she's doing so by addressing parliament and moving to make motions, simultaneously allowing her little one to feed from the breast.

Three-month-old Alia is often nursed by her mother on the government floor, but historians say that her mother moving a motion on black lung disease on the floor while Alia suckled is a first, and Waters tweeted that she was proud to have done so.

Adding to the normalcy of Alia's feeding, the Senator lightheartedly shared that her 'partner in crime' also moved her own motion, right before Mama!

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The senator champions for better parental rights and maternity coverages, and last year, was the instigator in changes to the Senate that not only allowed for breastfeeding on the parliament floor, but care, like changing diapers if need be as well.

The Australian House of Representatives has a similar policy, after fellow representative Sarah Hanson-Young's two-year-old daughter was taken out of the senator's arms and she was ejected from the Senate Chamber. Calling those actions archaic and anti-parent, Waters and Young campaign for the rights of parents to care for their children, regardless of their employment situation, and we applaud them for their effort!

Photo: Larissa Waters