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Breastfeeding mama with major summer allergies!

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Hello mamas

I have major allergies now that summer weather is upon us. Humid and hot and pollen and whammo I am congested, headachy, sore throat, tired..........since having kids 6 yrs ago I have gotten these.

I am breastfeeding my 14 month old, and cannot take anything for fear of lowering supply.........I am well schooled on BF and such, so I know what is and isn't safe...........

have any of you in similar situations found any cures or homeopathics that really worked? I am taking some but they're like candy-do nothing. I am debating to see an allergist............I am fed up.

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I don't know how much this will help you as I am only pregnant and not nursing. But I have the WORST allergies, sometimes life seems unliveable, and I just want to shut myself in a bubble or something. Anyways on the off chance that it would work my mw prescribed me diclectin which is the only safe-for-pregnancy anti-mausea medication. She told me to try it because it is comprised largely of an antihistamine, and it definately helps. Just thought i'd throw that out there. I have no idea if it will affct your milk supply etc. but its supposed to be *really* safe.

P.S. I'm in Canada too.
Actually I use homeopaty but it's not 100 % effective. Plus ds has allergies too; and so I take the treatment for both of us. I'm in France but the french names of the ones I take are-
poumon histamine 9ch
apis mellifica 15ch
pollens 30ch
I have also heard good things about; but not tried, alum cepia or nux vomica.
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Would pycnogenol or quercetin lower your supply? I would think if anything they would do the opposite. I gave them directly to my son (recommended by both naturopath and allergist), so I'm sure that they would be safe for nursing.

Since you've researched what you can take, what's your take on either of these?

I've taken them and they've always alleviated all symptoms of seasonal allergies. Quercetin works for several hours, but pycnogenol can work for years, since it heals every part of the body, so that the body's boundary systems are healed, and the allergens can't penetrate and create reactions.
I am right there with ya on the scratchy throat & watery eyes. I use local honey it doesn't cure them but sure helps!
Lots of Vitamin C is supposed to be a natural antihistamine as well.
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