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Breastfeeding problem...or?

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Dd is 8months old and I have #2 onthe way in October. Lately, dd not only wants to fall asleep nursing, but wants to stay attached to me ALL NIGHT LONG. If I unlatch her at all, she tosses and cries and gets very upset. She used to nurse and then cuddle with me all night. I am getting near my wits end. I have been sick this past week and <shamefully> have resorted to unlatching her when I know she's done and putting her in the swing where she'll go right to sleep and be perfectly content for hours. I keep trying to get her to fall asleep with me in bed and I am runnign out of patience.
Any suggestions?

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Baby and mother should each sleep where they'll get the best rest. I think co-sleeping is about what's best for everyone.
No advice, just sympathy. My dd is almost ten months and our second is due in late October. About a month ago my dd started having serious sleep issues and I was sick more from exhaustion than the pregnancy.
We just had to wait it out, unfortunately. She was teething and although she was fine during the day, it really bothered her at night.
DD did this to me around the same time (but I wasn't preggie). Basically, I sort of just left the bed, slept on the couch for a while and she fell asleep to Daddy's snoring and then didn't need to stay stuck to the boob when I came back to bed (if I did).

I TOTALLY agree with LeosMama... she's a WISE one!!
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