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breastfeeding problems

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Help! I need some help and support! I don't know what to do. I've been b'feeding ds for one year almost and for the last few months I feel like I haven't been producing enough milk for him. He eats some solids. I didn't feel like it was neccesary to give him formula. I've been trying to hard to eat more and do all the things people recommend; mother's milk tea, oatmeal, more calories etc... but nothing's helping and he's not gaining weight. Doc said to supplement with formula or cow's milk and I would do anything for him to eat more. Except he WILL NOT take a bottle or sippy cup. He just chews on them. I had a breakdown today while nursing him b/c I felt like I couldn't give him what he needs. I think I scared him too! Does anybody have anything to recommend? I'm going to a LLL meeting next wed. I was also thinking about those little tubes you formula feed with that sit right next to your nipple so they feel like they're b'feeding, I don't know what they are called. Any advice is greatly appriciated and will make me smile.
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I don't have lots of suggestions but I didn't want to read and not reply. First, love your ds's name! I wasn't making enough for my dd around 9/10 mos because of being pregnant, and she wouldn't take a bottle or sippy cup either, not for several months. I really wish I'd tried a SNS (supplemental nursing system--the tube thing you mentioned).
It's so hard to feel like you can't provide for your little one.
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Honestly I would bet money your dr. is just off. Most breastfed babies gain like crazy then grow up. My dd (20mo) hasn't gained weight since 9 or 10 mo old. She's fine. Just keep nursing and nursing. Increase your water. Offer to nurse more often. Is he co-sleeping? That's a good time to get in extra nursing sessions.

The SNS is fiddly to use, not sure a 1 yo would like it either. And it is just a thin straw. At 6w, my ds used to bypass my nipple sometimes and just suck that tube up like a straw.

My dd wouldn't take a bottle or sippy cup at 12 mo either. What worked better was taking the valve out of sippy cups or just using a regular straw. I've heard of some people making milk popsicles too.

As for solids - go for avocado, egg yolks etc - the higher calorie stuff. There's not much in pears or applesauce. I even started my dd on almond butter at 1 yo.

Other than him not gaining weight, are you concerned about his health? I mean, can he afford not to gain weight for a bit? Is he really scrawny? Weight gain goes in spurts, it's never constant. Maybe he's just having a break from gaining?? Just some ideas.
What exactly do you mean by "not gaining weight?" How long has it been since he gained? Is he not gaining at all, or just gaining very small amounts? How has he grown length-wise during this time? Is he a very active baby? Has he been sick at all? (Sometimes kids lose a little weight with sickness (or a lot if it's a gastro-intestinal thing), and it may look like he's not gaining when in fact he lost a little and has gained it back).

My ds gained exactly one pound between 6 months and a year (I never weighed him in between those two times, so for all I know he could have gained the pound between 6 and 7 months and then not gained at all from 7 to 12 months). He went from 19 to 20 lbs. He also went from being a chub who, at 6 months had just started crawling, to a lanky toddler who was running by 11 months.

As long as he is growing and is healthy, and isn't *losing* weight, I honestly wouldn't worry about it.

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Thank you for all the advice. It makes me feel alot better about my parenting! Ds is very active, and a tall lean baby. the doc was just concerned b/c he was gaining but stopped at about7-8 months. He is low on their percentile scale of what a baby should weigh. And yes, he's had a few minor colds this winter; alot of icky stuff went around. but, he is a very happy, smilely, smart baby who laughs alot and makes others smile. So, thanks for the advice and now I feel alot better!
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