Breastfeeding Success
Visualization is just a fancy word for something we do all the time. We are always making mental pictures of what's to come. To visualize, you do not have to create an actual mental picture, but an impression or feeling. Try this simple visualization:

Sit upright in a chair, on a cushion or in your bed. Close your eyes.

Breathe gently for a few minutes until you feel relaxed. Imagine yourself sitting in a rocking chair holding and breastfeeding your baby. Hear the contented coos of the baby. Notice the gentle sighs of your breathing. See the soft smiles on each of your faces. Just enjoy the scene for a few minutes as you rock back and forth and breathe deeply.

If other thoughts intrude, gently bring your attention back to your visualization.

To end, bring your attention back to your own breathing and then to the room. Slowly open your eyes.