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breastfeeding support...

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So, there is a ton of super breastfeeding support here at mdc...the nursing forum rocks, and you can find almost anything there. And some hospital and birth centers provide Lactaion Consultant support, or they can point you towards private LCs in your community.

But it's worth pulling out some info before the babe arrives...breastfeeding may be natural, but just like birth it isn't always "easy", "obvious", "straight forward", "supported by society/family", or, well... it can be tough! And painful. And really really frustrating when you're already dealing with the hormonal craziness and sleep deprivation of a new babe in the house,

---For the world's best breastfeeding website, check out Kellymom ( This site has EVERYTHING. Safe herbs and medications, supply issues and solutions, diet (for nursing mamas), weight gain (for nursing babes), tandem nursing, weaning, manners, problems, introducing solids, pumping, going back to work, etc. I have never run into a nursing question that wasn't covered by Kellymom!

---And anytime you need some real world support, there's La Leche League. Local leaders are only a phone call away. But there is a national help line too at 1-877-4-LALECHE (1-877-525-3243) for 24 hour toll-free breastfeeding support.

---And there are plenty of great books out there about breastfeeding. One sort of specialized book is "The nursing mother's herbal" by Sheila Humphrey. It's not a general breastfeeding book, but it is a very natural family living sort of book. The chapters are:
Chapter 1: Breastfeeding: The Gold Standard of Infant Nutrition
Chapter 2: Breastfeeding Support
Chapter 3: The Breastfeeding Relationship: A Dyad
Chapter 4: Educating Yourself about Herbs and Herbal Products
Chapter 5: Your Healthcare Options: Who or What Can Help
Chapter 6: Caring for Yourself after Birth
Chapter 7: Your Milk Supply
Chapter 8: Breast Problems: What Can Help
Chapter 9: Health and Safety Tips for You and Your Baby
Chapter 10: Weaning Your Baby
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Thanks. I have to admit that BF was REALLY hard this time around. I was way more engorged and engorgement lasted longer (3-4 DAYS STRAIGHT!). Luckily after about a week the soreness and blisters were healing. So anyone who is dealing with soreness make sure you have a good latch! And hang in there, it gets quite a bit better after the first week.

We're on day 10 now and although my nips are still tender, BF doesn't hurt anymore. It does get better, I promise.
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My DD is 2 weeks old today, and this is the first of my children I've BFed.

Thanking my lucky stars for the BFing forums here on MDC. The support and information I've gotten there in the past two weeks has been crucial to my success at BFing.
Oh man! Thanks for that!!!
I had this idea in my head that BFing would be so simple, BOY was I wrong!!

I think I'm starting to get the hang of it though. Today is day 7 with baby... we'll see how things go.
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I considered myself almost a professional after having nursed my first girlie for three long years, so I was surprised when getting started with nursing this time around was just as painful as the first time!

Yes, it does get better, mommies! Don't be afraid to ask for help, and definitely do check out!
MDC bfing boards rock!!!! I nursed 3 children prior to this one and this by far has been a roller coaster ride!!!! I have to supplement because for some odd reason I am dealing with low milk supply. I am even on domperidone and still struggling with this issue. I never had engorgment and sore nipples. My LO has latched perfectly since birth. He bf within seconds upon arriving. I will be getting back my results from a TSH test soon... Maybe that is it???
: ANyone else dealing with this? Good thing that I am not a quitter. I would bf even if I didn't have a drop! I will clw too!!!!
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