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Breasting feeding and solids

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I am curious...first time Mom and I do not understand how you can continue to breastfeed while bab is eating solids. How often do you breastfeed at 9 months when baby is eating solids? Do you not feed him or her soilids? Will the baby still want breast milk when they began to eat solids? Baby is 4 months old, just curous and looking ahead.
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I had the exact same fears, but it just works out beautifully! Don't worry! There are some good breastfeeding books out there to help guide you too when it comes to introducing solids!
Why would breastfeeding be any different that bottles in that respect? For the whole first year (minimum) breastmilk is the main nutrition your child needs. You should nurse BEFORE solids in that time. Solids are just for fun at that time.

I personally have always nursed baby first, and the given her solids to try. Some mothers find it works better the other way, but I personally would rather my baby fill up on breastmilk. They're really only sort of dabbling in solids at that point, LOL! It's not meant to replace mama's milk, which is a perfect food.
we introduced solids very slowly. she eats a few bites off of my plates normally. probably 1/4-1/2 a cup a day of food. when you start solids you don't start by feeding your child 5 times a day, you start with a few bites here and there and it slowly escalates. your baby will show you
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My babe (7.5 months) eats solids ravenously--averages about a small jarful 3x a day, sometimes more sometimes less--and still nurses a ton. We've followed his cues on the solids, started really slowly, and he really loves them, so I'm happy that we're not forcing them on him. He tells me clearly when he wants to nurse, and usually does so after he "eats", depending on how full he is, before naptime, and all night long....(he's teething). Sometimes he just wants a snack and/or cuddle in between, too. Good luck and don't worry!
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