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breastmilk cures all

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so my sweet gal had had this red dry flaky patch on her forehead for months.nothing would cure it.i tried caledula,buttemilk lotion,booty cream(that worked for a little while)some kind of natural lotion,2 kinds of eucerin,and even hydracortizon.finally i listened to a friend of mine who said"ahh,just squirt some breastmilk on there".i put the tiniest bit on there and it was completely cured almost instantly.i knew the stuff was good but i didn't know it was a cure all.
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WOW! didn't know it would do that either! I *DID* know it will help sore nipples.
You can also put it in baby's eyes to clear up an eye infection.
Yep, you can squirt it in their noses instead of saline drops when they are congested, drip in ears for pain, and some cancer patients are drinking it when they have chemo for the immune boost.

I've used it on cuts and a burn that I had as well, not just for babe!
In one of dso's medical journals there was a little blurb about a study showing that breastmilk helped remove warts.
wow! it's going to be my first plan of attack for any problem from now it's cheap and easy. :LOL
i put some in dd's ear when she started to get an infection, never turned into a full-on infection.
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wait...remove warts...what? Will it take care of my own? Probably not, 'cause my body can't take care of them, right?

I have a couple on my feet that wouldn't go away and one of the OTC treatments even burned large, bloody HOLES in my feet and didn't take care of the warts. The warts don't bug me (there are just two) but if the treatment was as simple as some breastmilk....I *am* an overproducer...
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Originally Posted by nikirj
wait...remove warts...what? Will it take care of my own? Probably not, 'cause my body can't take care of them, right?

It can't hurt to try, right? I'll have to look for the article again. I cut it out because it was a use I'd never heard of before.
I squirted breast milk into dd's ear and into her nose when she had a cold. It helped both times. I found it took a little nerve to do it.
I squirted DS in the eye to help with his plugged tearduct. It DOES take nerve - especially when he KNOWS what the boob is for, and it's RIGHT in front of his face, but you're not letting him drink, you're squirting him! :LOL I put it in his nose a couple of times but that was much more difficult since it's so tiny!

Breastmilk is awesome
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Excellent news. Will it work for cradle cap, I wonder???
Won't hurt to try it on cradle cap - especially if you can massage it in, and maybe brush it out a little bit as well. I love how breastmilk is good on the outside as well as the inside
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Yup, it cleared up a very bad clogged tear duct overnight for us. I also put it on dd's cord when it started getting really smelly and red (worse than normal, it looked like it was getting infected) it cleared right up. Magic stuff.

Originally Posted by itsme
Anyone try it on stretchmarks?
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