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Breech turned! How to keep him down??

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Hey There,

This is my 2nd breech pg and this one was shaping up to go the way of #1: c-sucktion due to breech presentation and low amniotic fluid. This time the fluid is great but he was in the exact same position as #1. Today (at 34 wks), after him being nudged for weeks by my MW, the perinatologist was able to nudge him with success!! SO, I am out of my mind excited (albeit cautiously). I know it's relatively early but I have a verrrrrrry tight uterus and copious BH so...

Do any of you have tips that will help him to engage or at least stay head down? I know everything under the sun about how to encourage a baby to move head down but am at a loss about how to keep him down once he gets there
Any tips would be much appreciated. TIA!
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Hi! Good news!

Tailor sitting (Indian style, not leaning back against anything) often might help baby to stay down...

Good luck mamma!
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are you at risk for pre-term labor? if not, maybe some deep squats? are you open to chiropractic? a chiropractor who is trained to work with pregnant women would be a great person to see to keep your pelvis aligned and that babe in optimal position. try here to find a practitioner trained in webster technique (they specialize in working with pregnant women):

sending you stay put head down baby vibes...

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PP - Thanks for the good wishes and info
. I had looked at spinning babies when I was trying to get him to turn down but breezed past the general info on good posture for a healthy baby position because I was beyond that!

TC- I tried webster on the last round with no luck but after my acupuncture fund ran out that's where I was headed this time...after having a breech baby bake-sale or some such thing

Thanks again for your responses gals!
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yes i was going to say squats too but that is just my unmedical guess. definately don't lean back in the easy boy too much.
Ina May says walking....

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If you have an acupuncturist near you then they can do a moxibustion session on you. This is safe and has a good track record. I used to know the website where I got this info, but I can't remember it now.
I'm sure if you do a search on moxibustion and breech pregnancy you will be able to find something. Good luck, HTH.
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I second the ideas to sit indian style and do some squats. Sit upright when sitting. If you have a birth ball or yoga ball, sit on it with your legs open instead of in a chair when possible. And remind baby how much you like him/her staying occiput!
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Thanks for all your responses. The birthing ball! I had deflated it and tossed in a closet because I love to sit on it but knew it was a no-no. I brought it back to life last night. Thanks for the reminder. I'm a squatiing queen now!
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Hah. My kid doesn't understand any of this.

I do squats, sit on the birth ball ALL the TIME... still flipping every day.

Saw the chiro 2x week for 2 weeks, now going every week. My ligaments are in great shape now. Kid still flips at LEAST every other day.

I just have WAY too much room in there.

Hmmm, at least there's one positive... I've gotten good at doing "mini-versions" on the kid. I feel the head going sideways, I lie down and push on it gently but firmly until it's back DOWN. We do this several times a week. It's gotten to the point where the kid feels me start in on pushing on his/her head, and I feel the squirming start, and within 2 minutes the head is down again. "Ok ok mom! Whatever you want just quit poking my head OK?"

I don't recommend anyone doing this, BTW, but it keeps me sane. That's a big priority this pregnancy, sanity. Elusive, but important.

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Kathryn- I'm sure it would ease your mind if he'd just stay head down, I understand you constantly reminding him to settle head down.
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Kathryn - how far along are you?? Now that mine's head"ish" down I can't tell exactly where he is because I'm a stragner to that position! I think his little legs are pushing against my left side because it's small and moves a lot. I DO, however, know exactly what his head feels like and if I knew it was drifting upwards I would be doing the same thing as you

Of course I check my belly like a freak every 15 minutes to see what's going on
. Good luck in keeping that baby head down!!
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I will hit 39 weeks tomorrow.

Yeah, I check the position all the time... DH thinks it's pretty freaky. He's like "Quit poking your belly all the time!"

(My fifth child turned from vertex to footling breech at 40 weeks 5 days, stayed there, and died due to complications with his birth 2 days later at 41 weeks. I think a little paranoia about positioning is understandable. Especially once I think I am in labor, you bet I will be checking like a freak between every contraction!)


Originally Posted by KittyKat
I think a little paranoia about positioning is understandable.
Good heavens Kathryn- YES it's understandable! I still tear up just thinking about your little Liam...
Wow K
. I completely understand why you check like you do. Makes my "boo-hoo" breach, low fluid c-section story seem silly
. Wait...KittyKat? I just realized who I was talking to! I'm Mo from the MotherSuckers over yonder. When busybusymomma said "Liam" it struck me. Well, now I can stalk you in 2 places
. I'm sending some seriously uber, solid stay down and be healthy vibes to your little one.
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