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bremerton mommies?

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we will be moving to bremerton in a few months or so, i just wanted to know how the wheather patterns are n all that. thanks
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Well we just moved here this winter and we are STILL WAITING for summer to start. My kids are wearing pants and t-shirts with sweatshirts kept in the car. I had to go buy sweatpants for dd in the next size yesterday! The spring has been beautiful (not too rainy) but my understanding is that it has been abnormal. It did rain all winter but it wasn't as bad as I was lead to believe. Let us know when you get here and if there is anything else we can do to help.
thanks, ill keep ya posted
There's a Kitsap Greeter Service who will send you a free packet of info on the area... I think is the website.
Welcome to the area!
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