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Brest Friend or Boppy?

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I have a Boppy pillow, but was wondering what you all though about the Brest Friend pillow?
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the MBF wins the fight hands down, IMO. i could actually stand up and walk around with ds in the nursing position with very little effort. (very helpful when you have a baby permanatly attached to the breast and you need to pee/eat/drink etc). it straps around you in back so you can put it in just the right position without it slipping down/around etc. i seriously credit it with saving my bf relationship with ds.
I could not have lived without the my brest friend nursing pillow. I had both, and the boppy was very awkward to use. The MBF was the best 35 dollars I ever spent in my LIFE!!!
I have a boppy. I have never tried MBF but I LOVE my boppy. I actually never thought I would use it this much. I bought the cutest cover for it too, so it's comfy AND cute!
Another vote for the MBF. I was pretty big after ds was born and the Boppy just didn't fit, plus the top surface is curved so ds would roll in or out. It's great to be able to walk around with the nursing pillow strapped on. It may look funny but it works.
The Boppy is much, much better-looking IMO, so that's what I registered for and that's what I received. Three, in fact. (I returned two!) But when I tried the MBF, months later, I realized how much better it works. Far more comfortable, far more functional.
Thanks, everyone!
Just on looks alone, I was leaning towards the MBF, so I think I'll head over to eBay now and check them out!
The MBF saved breastfeeding for me. I came home from the hospital with awful tendinitis from the stupid football hold they made me do. (Although, the nurses didn't like the boppy either, because it didn't fit over my post-partum belly--"Your belly is your Bobby!" said one nurse. My midwife said, "Boppies suck.")

My oldest, best guy friend, David, who lived in NYC at the time, called me the day we got home and asked me if we had a MBF. I told him no and he said "I'm sending you one today." He knew from his wife's experience how much better it was than the Boppy. DH likes David so he decided if David liked it he'd just go get me one right then and there.
So I ended up with 2 and they've been loaned out to other very grateful mamas.
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We've got both a Boppy and a My Brest Friend and while the Boppy's nice to lounge around with, the Brest Friend is the real nursing workhorse. I'm so MBF-dependent now, I cannot imagine how I'd get by w/o it.

Word to the wise, however - older models use a velcro strap enclosure and I've decided if there was ever an award given for "Best Product Idea" combined with "Worst Product Design", that'd win it for sure!! The ripping noise the velcro makes still scares the crap out of my 3-mo. old son every time and we've been using the thing daily since he was 2-weeks old! If you're considering getting a MBF, definitely go for it - just make sure you purchase the newer model w/ the adjustable buckles instead!!
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Oooh! I'm so glad they got rid of the velcro! I had the same problem. I'd have a peaceful, milk-filled sleeping baby, then RIIIIIIPPPP!!! I'd have a startled, freaked out baby. Forgot all about that...How the memory fades.
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MBF all the way. We called it "the saucer" because I looked liked a flying saucer with it strapped on (and yes, the velcro was ridiculous). An MBF, a good nursing bra, and a front zippered sweatshirt is the perfect package gift for a new mama.
Gak, I can just picture the velcro reaction when Bleuet was very young!
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