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I am only 5 weeks, but need to make some important nutrition decisions right away.

I am still nursing my 19 month old. I'd like to keep nursing him as long as possible, particularly because he is allergic to dairy and probably soy too. Before finding out I was pregnant, we were both on an elimination diet to try to find out what else he has trouble with, but I've had to abandon that for now, and am just going to assume it was soy unless he starts reacting strongly again, since his older brother was also allergic to dairy and soy proteins.

I've had great luck with the Brewer's Diet in my past few pregnancies, but did not have to consider an allergic child's diet then (my second son weaned just before I got pregnant with the third). Since the diet relies SO heavily on milk and dairy, I am wondering if it is possible to substitute enough to make up for what I'll lack. The BlueRibbonBaby website has an alternative diet for vegans, but it relies a lot on soy milk and soy products which will not work in my case.

I am taking prenatals and extra Calcium and Vit D, but my husband is concerned that I will not get enough good nutrition for the baby.

I am open to any and all suggestions!

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You should be fine with a supplement and some smart food choices. Below is a list of food that are high in calcium that I would incorporate into your diet regularly.
* Salmon
* Tofu
* Rhubarb
* Sardines
* Collard greens
* Spinach
* Turnip greens
* Okra
* White beans
* Baked beans
* Broccoli
* Peas
* Brussel sprouts
* Sesame seeds
* Bok choy
* Almonds
Good Luck and congratulations!

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Hmm, could you try almond or oat milk? FWIW, I am loosely following the Brewer's diet, but after discussing it with my midwives am not worrying too much about the milk. They actually recommend getting 60-80 grams of protein a day so as not to grow really big babies, rather than the 80-100 in Brewer's. It's just as well to avoid the hormones in milk too, unless you get organic.

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I was in your exact spot until recently. I found out i was pregnant when DD was 19 months, on an elimination diet (no dairy, soy, or egg yokes plus a few more). The only good thing I had going for me is that i didn't get ms really at all this time, unlike with DD. I focused on general protein, egg whites (because i can't have the yokes), meats, fish, greens.

DD did wean around 20 weeks and I reintroduced dairy and egg yokes to my diet. Well, it didn't go so well. Apparently I have issues with it as well that i didn't realize till now. So I am still off major dairy (milk, cheese and ice cream) but I allow butter in my diet and milk as a minor ingredient (breads, baked stuff). And egg yokes bother my stomach too, so they are still out. I am trialing soy milk and hemp milk now to get more protein and calcium.

In the mean time, I have found a good liquid calcium/ magnesium/ vit D supplement that i take daily. It is made by NOW brand. Other than that, I just try to eat as much meat as possible. A chicken breast has like 30 grams of protein right there, so I try to have one on a bed of lettuce for lunch along with some seeds and egg whites. Lots of protein right there.
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