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Bridesmaid with a 2mo nursling?

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Hey everyone! My friend will be getting married when baby is 2-3mo old and presumably still nursing quite frequently... what are my options with a bridesmaid dress? I normally do not dress up AT ALL so I'm at a complete loss here.
The dress will be custom made but I'm not sure what pattern the bride has chosen or anything... any suggestions for modifications that can be made or anything like that?

Any advice is welcome, I haven't been involved in any weddings but my own!
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Go for a 2 piece. There are lots of designs for those out now.

good luck!

Ditto the two-piece. I have been in three weddings in the past 5 years and all three had two-piece dresses, so they aren't hard to come by or out of style or anything.

My sister was nursing my nephew, who was 3 months old, at my wedding. She nursed him right before the wedding and then immediately after. Make sure you have a towel or something on your lap, though... she had a HUGE wet spot on her skirt right before the processional!! ha ha! Thank God for blow dryers!
All my bridesmaids had different dresses in the lavender/periwinkle color range. It was wonderful as I had all different body types in my party. I got many positive comments. Also it kept the maids from hateing me if I picked the wrong thing LOL. Here is a link to some patterns:

Hope this helps
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2-piece sounds like a great idea. I was in my SIL's wedding when nursing my 2-week old. The whole darn gown had to come right off!!!
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Thanks mamas! I need to get with the bride about a few other things so I'll mention the 2 pc idea.
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You may also want a long scarf to wear over your shoulders....will provide cover if you do have a few spots etc....and remember your measurements will be changing :)
definitely something you can stick some nursing pads in!
I feel bad for the woman who will be doing the sewing- who knows what size I'll be!
I've only gained 16lb this pregnancy but I had a few extra from before the pg so I might get lucky and lose a few of those. One can hope... we'll definitely need to do a fitting just a few days before the wedding I'm sure!

I leak through every cloth or disposable pad I've used, I have to use LilyPadz... so at least I won't have circles!
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I was a bridesmaid with a frequently nursing five month old, and it was pretty hard...what I wish I would have done differently was ask if the bride would mind if I changed into another outfit for the reception! I practically had to get naked to nurse, lol, but I guess if you get a 2 pc outfit it will solve that.
If I think about it too much I get pretty nervous. I remember how much of a comfort nurser my ds was and how frequently he had to nurse- I rarely was able to cook dinner without having to stop. Yikes. Of course, this baby could be more like dd and be more relaxed- who knows?
That was me last fall! I had a one piece dress and dd (she was 4 months old at the time) did not go to the wedding with me. It was an evening wedding and I had a zip up the back gown. My solution was I had my pump with a car adaptor and had a friend walk with me to my car and unzip me as I got in. She was instructed to return in 15 minutes and we both had cell phones in case she forgot! LOL In any case it was 9 pm and the only problem was I was parked right outside of a window and it was dark and very hard to see if my breast shields were in the right place, I ended up giving myself a small hicky....oops! Once I finally got things lined up it went fine. My friend returned, zipped me up and away we went. If you have a baby shade for the car stick that in a window if necessary.
I just went through this last august with ds (who was then 6wks old). We thought of 2pc dresses, but any that we tried were so tight that I would have basically had to take the top part off anyway...

I ended up having the typical dress and although I had weeks of worry about it, it all went fine! I waited until the last minute to change into the dress and luckily ds slept through the whole ceremony! At the reception I just snuck away a few times to nurse him.

Good luck! Try not to stress too much - that was definitely the worst part of my experience, all the stress that I gave to myself!!!
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most likely the dress will be fitted so even if its two piece it may be difficult to nurse in. i would just find a quiet room or the bathroom and nurse there so you can just take the top of the dress down.
ITA with the 2 piece gown.

OT-here. I got to be a pg bridesmaid at my mom's wedding. I wore the most hideous bubblegum pink maternity tent. Sorry- had to vent.
I have BF at weddings in two styles of dress.

One was strapless, zip up at the back - worked well, I tucked a cloth in the top of the dress (it was silk satin, and I got NO milk on it!), undid the zip a bit and popped my boob over the top to feed. Just don't get up and walk around while feeding her with your scary bra exposed at the back!

The other was a wrap style empire line top - not so good, I got milk everywhere on the top, and didn't feel like she had good access.

Hey - I'm the first to suggest over the top access!
I was in a wedding 1 month ago (dd still nurses frequently). Both of us got skirts, tank tops & an overtop, pretty & very nursing friendly. I'll link to a photo, here:

(kinda dorky photo, but gives you the idea... good luck!)
When my oldest dd was 10 weeks old, I was in my brother's wedding. The 2 pc is a good idea, if you have a choice. My SIL chose dresses with a halter type top. It was pretty easy to undo the top part and just pull down the front of the dress and feed her. She went with us to the wedding, since it was family. It wasn't too hard and I didn't have to get undressed. There was a room for the bridesmaids/bride to get ready and I had some privacy, so it worked out well.
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