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I went to the bathroom Thursday evening and discovered quite a bit of bright red blood. Not pink, not brown, just really bright red. Ugh. But, no cramping. After a restless, worry-filled night, I ended up going to the ER yesterday late morning for an ultrasound. I have a home-birth midwife, and my GP does my gyn checkups, so I had nowhere else to go.

But the ER was great, the guy who checked me in was telling me that he and his twin were born at home. We'd ended up in this hospital after a home birth transfer with my son a few years ago, and everyone then was really nice as well, so that made the experience a lot easier.

Anyways, long story short, they took a lot of blood, gave me a hep lock (in case of emergency, there was worry about a tubal), and sent me down for an ultrasound. The tech told me she wouldn't be able to tell me anything, but toward the end, she said "Just a few more minutes and then I'll cheat and show you the screen!". So I was able to see a heartbeat flickering in the right place. Such a relief, and the doctors found no cause of bleeding, not even a hematoma, like I was expecting. I'm 7 1/2 weeks along, everything looks good, the heartbeat was 160 and I think my HCG was 130,000. I never had an ultrasound with my son, so it was actually kind of nice to see something with this baby, made it feel a bit less abstract.

So 8 hours later we were home, I had to wait for a Rhogam shot since I'm rH negative and there was enough blood to be concerned about antibody issues. A long day, and one that made me wish a bit that I had concurrent care along with my midwife, so I don't have the threat of other days spent in the ER. But at least everything is okay. Sorry for the long story, but I know that yesterday before I went in, I found other people's happy endings in stories of bright red blood reassuring, and wanted to add my own
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