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If I do say so myself. I have had several problems with attitude lately and the 12 yo and 14 yo plus dad have really gotten me down. That is another post altogether!

So the 3 musketeers have been griping about how warm I am keeping the house. (76-84F) I feel it is just fine and for a pregnant mom, I have heard I do keep my house very warm in the summer. Not to mention *I* pay the electric bill. I have been griping about the lights left on and tied the two together. I set the thermostat at 70, left it for a day, had the kids super happy about it then said starting NOW, any light left on in an unoccupied room will result in a 1 degree increase in temp. I don't care who did it, but each of you needs to take charge and turn off lights that are left on. (that was a constant 'it wasn't me') I would reset every Sunday, but not sooner. It has been a plesant 75 so far! Yesterday when I got home from work they asked what lights were left on since they now pay attention to the thermostat. They ARE capable of noticing details!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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