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Britax Boulevard installation question

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HI all,
I also posted this on the infant board... We just bought a Britax boulevard for our 10 month old. She is still rear facing and will be for awhile. We have a Tahoe. We will install it using the latch system in the second row, but I wanted to know how you tether it when it is rear facing? What are attaching it to? TIA. I appreciate any advice.
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We have DS rearfacing in his boulevard too. My car is a Mercedes R500 which has these brilliant cargo tie downs on the floor that I can tether to, so I lucked out (I did check with a CPS tech and she said she loved those things for RF tethering).

Anyway, in DH's car and when we've rented a car, what we have always had to do is move the front seat as far forward as possible and tether to the metal bar that holds the seat down. The only problem with that is once you do it, you have to get that seat adjusted and you SHOULD NOT move that seat around anymore. What I was told is that anything that does not move with the seat is good for the RF tether, but hopefully a tech or someone with experience with your car can give you the perfect advice
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you can also have a tether point installed by a chevy dealer. i don't know if they will charge you for it, but ideally, they shouldn't.

if you are in doubt, take the car and the seat to a car seat tech and have it inspected and installed. they will tell you and show you how and where to install and tether it to.


eta: even if not in doubt, take your car seat and car to be inspected and installed by a car seat tech. an insane amount of car seats are installed slightly wrong and this can diminish their effectiveness in a crash situation.

eAta/c: realized tahoe is a chevy truck, not ford.
Britax says it's safe to tether to any fixed point in the car that is sturdy enough - so we tether to under the captains chair the Blvd is on in tghe van, or to the slide rail that the front passenger seat moves on in the car.

You can also tether "aussie" and go forward from the seat to the tether anchor in your truck. But it's a pita to put baby in/out.

Just loop the tether strap around something metal and attach the tether and crank it tight!
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