Milk donation popularity has grown exponentially in the last several years, as more and more mothers connect through banks and even forums like this in an effort to help one another out. But lately, milk banks are seeing a soaring need, and one milk bank in England says that demand has increased 'beyond wildest expectations.'

The Human Milk Foundation is based in Harpenden, *************. Dr. Natalie Shenker is with the foundation and said that the rise in demand has risen as their country experienced a baby boom. She also said that more pre-term babies are being born in hospitals.

And while all donor milk in the country is tested, pasteurized and frozen before it's sent to hospitals and then distributed to families that need it, perceptions from clinicians who care for sick and pre-term babies have changed throughout the pandemic and that's likely affected the increased demand.

Donor breast milk is prioritized for sick and/or pre-term babies. Still, there are other mothers who are unable to nurse for various reasons but want the benefit of breast milk for their babies who also seek donor milk. In an article with BBC, Jessica Craven said she went to the foundation for donor milk because she'd had a double mastectomy after a cancer diagnosis. She said she felt horrible guilt that she couldn't offer her children breastmilk and because of that, the donation of human breastmilk from mothers was an amazing gift that was important to her.

Currently, the foundation has over 300 donors, but they're seeking more in order to meet increasing demand since the pandemic began.

And it's not just in Great Britain. Across the country, demand soars and a growing concern about breastmilk for profit may make it less accessible for those who need it but don't have the financial ability to get it. This brings many to wonder about the need for government regulation, and that brings hot debate between mothers who both donate and receive donated milk.

What are your thoughts on pumping for profit?