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I know this has been done a thousand times before, but I'm looking for fun inspiring things to do with brocolli.

We've gotten brocolli from our CSA again, and we're getting tired of the usual choices.

We've done:
In a chicken pot pie
In a leek and chicken stew
As a side with cheese.

But I'm looking for something fun!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

(we have cabbage, yams, white potatoes, butternut, leeks, spinach, carrots, onions and tomatoes at home as well)
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I like to make a broccoli salad every once in a while. I can find the exact recipe for you if you'd like, but it's basically broccoli, shredded carrots, crumbled bacon, mayo and raisins (optional).

We often toss it into omelettes, or on pizza. My favorite hot side dish is to toss broccoli with olive oil and tons of garlic w/ salt and pepper. Put in a baking dish, cover with foil and roast alongside something else for about 20 minutes.
I just read my reply, it makes it sound like I toss the broccoli salad in omelettes and on pizza. That's not what I meant. We toss plain ol' broccoli in omelettes and on pizza
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Cook it, then chill it and toss it in a pasta salad.
mmmmmmmm I don't like broccolli much but I love that broccolli salad!!!!!!!!!!
My dh and kids love broccoli steamed w/a little butter and seasoned salt on it. Nothing fancy but I can always count on the broccoli to disappear when I make it like this. You could always eat it raw too w/a dressing or hummus or put it in a quiche or in a stirfry w/other veggies. There's many things you could do w/broccoli.
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broccoli at our house and I put it in as much as I can. One of our favs is to put it in hashbrowns for breakfast (sometimes we put hollindase sauce on it too). I like to make quiche with it (in a whole wheat pie crust). Very yummy
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