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Yes Arnica, and lots of it. Reapply frequently.

Also, comfrey root compresses: Ice first, then do compress:
3 tblsp comfrey ROOT, a few drops of olive oil and some hot water will make a compress with the consistency of (sorry) poopy. Extra oil will help ease the mess. Put directly on area and cover with wool or cotton cloth and leave on as long as it's warm. Apply up to 3 times per day. I know this is a lot to do and a lot of work. This worked well when I broke my tailbone falling on ice and for my husband's recent broken ankle.

Anything internal that's alternative I would check with Dr first. They should have a book that lists contraindictions with the drugs she's taking. Some milk thistle and red clover may help her detox her liver from taking drugs.

Best of luck, Mary
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