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Broken glass found in baby food!

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This was in my local paper this morning:

"When she dipped a spoon into a jar of Heinz turkey rice with vegetables, Ms. Hankey came up with two dime-sized pieces of glass. "

I'm soooo glad I made my own food, but there was one time I gave her a bottle of sweet potato. I would be freaking out way more than this mom, I am sure!
Heinz has onlt set aside 17 jars for further investigation, and it sounds like they're only recalling the one flavour, but they really need to figure out how that glass got in there! That is so scary!
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Oh my!! Just one more reason to make your own babyfood. At least then you know what exactly your baby is getting and I doubt that includes chunks of glass!
6 husband was dr a food, when half way notice a there was a I took
wow, this is why my kids have never and never will taste jarred! I need to see what goes in my babyfood! I'm glad the mama found it before feeding the baby!
I've been hearing about this kind of thing WAY too often. Before it was poison now glass... granted it was a different situation with the poison but still! This is exactly why I plan on making all of DD's food when she starts eating solids. And, yet another reason I'm really glad she's exclusively breastfed. Just think what could happen if the parent weren't as attentive, poor baby!
alaskan mom~~what brand and flavor of baby food was it that you had found the galss in?
I just wanted to add ... for those of you who use jarred foods - this is why you should ALWAYS empty the food into a bowl before feeding it to your baby!
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