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Broken Teeth

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For the last 5 or 6 years I've had broken wisdom teeth. They are rotting away in my mouth and no money to fix them. It would take quite a bit of money that ranges in the thousand dollar range to get my mouth up to par. They abscess around this time of year and in fact 3 years in a row they start hurting very badly on Christmas Eve (ever try wrapping gifts with a blazing abscessed tooth that hurts to the point of ripping your breath from you? I have, 3 years in row lol not fun!
). I do what I can, but can't even afford ABX for it so I use salt washes and hot compresses to draw the abscess out and the infection.

I don't have dental insurance, towing industry doesn't really "do insurance" and we can't afford outside medical\dental insurance from a private company. Do any of my fellow Ontarians\Canadians know of any free programs that would help at least pay for some of or all of a tooth (or rather about 4 or 5 teeth) removal? Trillium Program has a deductible but they deal more with seniors and children then my age group and apparently we "make too much for one program and too little for another" (that's nice isn't it?).

I've come close to just pulling the suckers out myself with a pair of pliers it's that bad lately. I am so done with tooth pain, all 5\6 years of it... I'm starting to get desperate big time. Last night was one of the worse nights I've had in a long, long time. It hasn't reduced me to tears in almost a year (I should have known it would, it seems to come in smaller cycles throughout the year of light to moderate pain and the larger cycles of pain are once a year and why does once a year have to be around December of all months? Let alone Christmas itself?).

Anyone know of home remedies for the pain as well?
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