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Brown Bag Lunch Ideas for 5 Year Old

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My dd will be starting summer camp next week and I need to provide her lunch, drinks and snack every day. All ideas are welcome.

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My ds likes:

peanut butter and honey sandwiches
peanut butter and banana sandwiches
Annie's spaghetti loops (or whatever they are called-lol)

He's going to summer camp in a couple of weeks and I'll be sending one of the above items with fruit and almond milk. He also likes hummus and pita or tortilla. Carrots and hummus.

You can send leftovers.
ideas that work for dc:

spinach topped with grilled chicken

cooked pasta with peas & tuna

hummus & ww pitas

lentils & rice with carrots

whole milk yogurt & fruit

grilled cheese pitas with apple slices
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i used to work at a summer day camp for 3-6 years olds and what we suggested was a shot gun approach to lunch packing - lots of little things individually packaged. pack more than dc would eat normally, in fact. because what was great yesterday might be the last thing dc wants to eat today. finger food is great, like grapes, cheese curds, mini muffins. and try to send things that are easily reclosable if not finished. (this is for the staff. i have been preminately scarred by go-gurt.) also ask what other kids are bringing. lunch time was always very social with everyone telling about what they had brought to eat. including you dc in the lunch packing and shopping also helps. that way you'll be more likely to pick things dc will actually eat. and even though we may try to avoid in packaging can be very important. not necesarily pre-packaged packing but a cute container goes along way to enticing little fingers to grab and eat. but don't be surprised if not much is eaten. sometimes there's so much going on at camp that the kids won't eat any more than they need to keep going. just offer the left overs as a snack in the car when you pick dc up.
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barbaque veggie weinners
Veggie burger wedges(burger with allthe trimmings, ketcup,mustard, pickles)
Lemon Pepper fries(I love these)
Watermelon slices
PeanutButter ants (what ever its called)
celery with peanutbutter with raisen's on top.
Speghatti and garlic bread
Veggie Nacho's
This is late, but there is a book out there called The Penny Whistle Lunch Box Book by Meredith Brokaw and Annie Gilbar that is fabulous!
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