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BSWW as a night time cover??

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I posted a few days ago about needing a new night time solution for my heavy wetter - 15 layers of hemp in Wonderoo was so bulky she wasn't sleeping well. So I'd like to try a fitted instead. I have a Muttaqin with hemp inner and 2 snap in soakers - I thought I'd add maybe a couple of hemp doublers and give that a shot. The problem is that wool covers were recommended and I don't have any!! (I have my eye on BJMarketplace - is that a good night option?). So what I do have is ME airflows and BSWW on hand and a windpro fleece cover in the mail on the way here. Would any of these work??
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Ditto! Airflow for sure! OUrs works great. BSWW wicks at night.
I've had good luck with the bummis myself. It's all I have right now (2 of them). I'm waiting on wool too!
I don't have a lot of night time choice since we are just starting out, so what I've used is a Sung to Fit with a doubler (? still getting used to all the was a white absorbant liner thing) and a fleece liner covered with a BSWW. Two nights in a row and she has not leaked. She stays in that diaper from about 10pm to 8am and she does eat during the night, but is not awake enough for me to think about changing her. She is 10 mos old, so maybe she pees less than a younger baby?
Well, I stuck her in her Muttaqin with 2 snap in soakers and a hemp insert trifolded with her ME Airflow. It definitely fit better than her Wonderoo at night!! We'll see how it holds up! She is a heavy wetter so I'm crossing my fingers...
Bummi's were a waste of time for us. Fleece, on the other hand, worked almost as well as wool does.
I've just received my Crystals cloth order. I got one of her all hemp fitted's (not the fun print fitteds) and its an AWESOME night time diaper. Really really really absorbent. Couldnt recommend it highly enough.

As to the covers - I've used a Bummis wrap at night and it was fine. I just prefer a breathable cover if she's going to be in it for 12 hours. We've got a sugarpeas flannel one which is fabbo.
I know that Green Mountain Diapers doesn't recommend BSWW for nighttime use, but obviously there are mama's here who've had luck with it. Since you have the ME though I would go with that or the fleece to start. My only concern with the fleece would be compression issues, but if you used a really absorbant dipe/doubler or if your kiddo isn't a super heavy wetter that might not be a problem for you. Anyway, if all else fails (or if you just like your BSWW) I'd give them a shot. Nothing to loose, KWIM?

ME air flow! I have no idea why I waited so long to try this cover works great day or night! The biggest problem I have with bummi is they seem to work really well at first even over night but then they start to wick, I've never understood this but its been my experience with them. The only Bummi I've kept is my froggie print one. DH loves the print. So far no problems but its strictly a daytime cover for us.

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