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I'm hoping someone here has had a similar experience and might be able to narrow my search down a bit!<br><br>
First -- the nittygritty:<br><br><i>I will be in Boulder and in Denver next week and am hoping to find a store(s) where I can try on some baby slings to see what works for me (I'm a Bjorner right now <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/img/vbsmilies/smilies/duck.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title="Duck">: because I couldn't figure out the sling we were given and I think I need major remedial help figuring them out).<br><br>
I'm leaning towards a pouch or ring-sling btw. I need something I can do lots of stuff in most especially, nurse a babe or babe nap while I do other things.<br><br>
Crossposted to the CO Board.</i><br><br>
Basically I'd love to sling somehow. We used the Bjorn a TON with Ina. Every time we tried to use her sling, she literally fell out. Despite us watching the video and everything (I don't know the name but it's a padded sling with a ring and endorsed by Sears?). Anyway, no one in our area even uses a Bjorn, so there aren't moms around here I can ask for help or advice on how to find the right sling and how to use so baby doesn't fall out. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wink1"><br><br>
I am definitely "challenged" in terms of making it work. Therefore it seems a pouch type (hotsling or peanutshell) would work better for me? I think the Ring Slings are beautiful - and make sense - but worry about getting the tail caught on something (dimensionally challenged too <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wink1">). I think ideally I'd like to figure out how to do a basic wrap and not mess with everything else but I think I need a lot more practice before I try that (and probably intense supervision by someone who knows what she's doing!)....<br><br>
I need to be able to wear SJ much more than we're doing now. She nurses to nap, but her 3 year old sister is pretty certain that Sleep Is Evil, so will wake her if she realizes her sister is asleep. The result is a crabby baby who nurses more frequently than she wants actually, and sometimes has to cry and fuss to finally fall asleep (overtired). Either that, or I need to go into another room and close the doors while SJ nurses to sleep and I don't like that at all. I think if I were able to walk around while SJ was nursing, her sister would be less likely to realize she was asleep, and SJ would get more sleep with less disruption. And as a bonus - maybe I'd be able to get more of my housework done, too!<br><br>
So whatever I do, needs to work for nursing and much much carrying, and enable me to still do things like laundry washing, folding, etc. Dish washing, etc. I may need more than one type of carrier? The bjorn does not feel secure for sweeping or mopping (I bend a bit to do this). In a perfect world, I'd like to move beyond the bjorn completely. We spend quite a bit of time outdoors too (Northern WY). So hot summers, cold winters.<br><br>
...And, SJ is a heavy baby (nearly 17 pounds at 4 months). And a long one too (26 inches).<br><br>
??Any suggestions??

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I can't help you with finding a store, although I'm sure there are some in that area. I would check out the newest Mothering magazine to find online vendors and get a feel for what is available. The Tummy2Tummy DVD is very helpful (although a bit overwhelming!)--not sure if you've watched that one.<br><br>
However, given the age and size of your baby, and that you want to wear her quite a bit, I would go with a two-shouldered carrier rather than a one-shouldered carrier like a pouch or ringsling. The padded sling you have now is a NOJO ringsling. It is (now) an older model and one of the hardest to adjust. Unless you are quite large it is difficult to get the top rail tight enough with all that padding. If you do decide to go with a ringsling, get an unpadded or very lightly padded one. Maya, Taylormade, Zolo, Pretty Momma, are just a few ringsling makers. I would not buy a pouch at the stage you're at now.<br><br>
However, I do recommend a carrier that uses both shoulders and your back to distribute dd's weight. The Ergo and the bECO have a shorter learning curve due to their similarity to the Bjorn and hiking backpacks. They use buckles but are not the best for petite/short mamas.<br><br>
I personally like Mei Tais best for Bjorn-wearers. The design concept is similar. They can be worn on the back or front and really, there is no wrong way to tie them as long as it's comfortable for both of you. One size fits all and a shorter learning curve than wraps. There are a zillion vendors, but the gold standard is <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. Others include Freehand, Catbird Baby, Babyhawk, Ellaroo, Close2Me Baby, Sachi, Have a Ball Baby and many more. If you're concerned with dd sleeping in the carrier, you might want a Mei Tai that is designed to offer support with a sleeping hood or headrest. If you do buy a carrier, avoid the knockoffs and buy a brand name used or on sale--there are some coupon codes in Mothering magazine and there is a used-carrier ForSaleorTrade board on <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. Some vendors even offer sling rentals so you can try several carriers out and the rental fee goes towards a new carrier.
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