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BTDT Mamas, are you getting much bigger this time?

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This is my third baby (but have had 3 extra pregnancies in between which were miscarriages) and I am so big this time. Comparing myself to pictures of my second pregnancy, I am so much bigger. I was hanging out with my mw friend yesterday and she said my belly looks like that of a 30 week pregnancy LOL

It feels normal, and the baby is kicking lots so I think all is fine, but I am pretty surprised by how big I am. My sacrum is hurting too, I think from the pull of my big old uterus on it.

I love my big belly, but every now and then I get a bit worried about my growth, are you guys experiencing this bigness (or worry) too?

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Sorry, no advice since I always look huge

But I'd think it would be normal.
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I can't speak from experience, but most of my friends with multiple children found that their bellies were bigger with each subsequent pregnancy.

My mom explained it like this... a balloon is difficult to blow up the first time around, but when you let the air out and blow it up again, it gets easier and easier each time you do it.

Sounds normal to me!!
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Um, yeah!

Even my hubby commented the other day that my belly had gotten a lot bigger and harder than with Sophia. I had been wearing maternity clothing with her for only 2-3 weeks at this point, but I have been in mostly maternity clothing since 11 weeks with this one!
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I think that you get bigger if you have your pregnancies close together. Your kids are still small. I have 9 years difference from the last time I was pregnant that far as I am now and I am not big. I hosted a party for my son yestarday and saw some moms dropping off kids who I did not see for a while and some of them not even noticed that I am pregnant! I did gain 11 pounds and got bigger all over, but not just in the tummy area.
I do remember a co-worker of mine who was pregnant 2 times while working next to me. She was average with the first one and with the second one she became huge pretty much from the start. She had 2 years in between.
yup I'm bigger. I started showing ALOT earlyer...
I'm 14wks and measure 19wks...
Does that say YES!
Oh, #4 and the mw says that it should even out after 21 wks or so.
I'm carrying this baby so differently from DS that it's hard to tell. At first I popped out super early, but then I didn't grow much after that. DS was really up in my ribs (my ribcage spread almost ten inches with him!!
: ) but he did drop down around 37 weeks (right after I did my darn belly cast) and that's when I got h.u.g.e.

I'm measuring 25 weeks right now and I'm 23 weeks so I guess I am bigger this time around since I was always spot on with DS.
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According to my mother I am
This is my third baby though so I think it's to be expected. Ironically I haven't gained any weight and am still 17 pounds down from my prepregnancy weight. I happen to think it is a girl because my a$$ is as big as my belly, just like with dd whereas with ds it was like I had 2 basketballs stuffed down my shirt.

I hate when people comment on my weight, pregnant or not. It's just tacky.
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I look bigger w/ each pg but I am measuring a week small w/ this one so I look bigger but actually am not. A little weird. Also for me my growth seems to be slowing a bit. My belly grew really big in the beginning and is slowing down a bit now
I think I'm about the same as with my first two, but smaller than with my third. I have always measured a couple of weeks big with my other children, but am measuring exactly for this one. Also, I have usually gained at least 15lbs by this point, but have only gained 3lb with this one. But my belly is out there, you couldn't look at me and not know I'm pregnant, I just feel like I should be bigger. So yes, I do worry that I'm not big enough.
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I am actually smaller this time. but thats because with my DS I went crazy eating for two and just indulging like crazy.. this time I am behaving and following my diabetic diet. but given my druthers I would be a chocolate vacumming house..
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Well, no, actually. This is my third, too, and last time I was huge. And gained about 45 lbs. total. This time I've gained 12 lbs at 20 weeks, so I don't think I'll make it to 45, and I'm a lot smaller. Still wearing all my same clothes.

I think it's because I'm still nursing, I have two small children running me around all day, and I'm doing lots of physical labor while dh and I remodel a house. I feel good, though, other than being tired. I thought I was tired before, I've never been this tired in my life.
I feel like I'm bigger this time around. I definitely popped out earlier with this pregnancy. At first I was scared I had twins in there because my belly got big so fast.
I popped earlier, but I don't think I am bigger at this point. I feel a little, ummm, saggier this time around, though.
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I am as big, or bigger, than at the same point during my twin pg, only this is ONE baby. So yeah, I am bigger.

I started off 54 pounds heavier with this pg vs. my twin pg. Comparing weight at this stage of each pg (had gained 8 pounds with twins by 22 weeks, whereas I'm down 18 pounds with this baby), I am now 28 pounds heavier than at the same stage of pg with my twins.

My singleton pg in between was no comparison. I was *much* smaller with that pg overall, started out about 12 pounds lighter than with twin pg, but gained 34 total to deliver 5 pounds heavier than the day I had my twins.

With this baby, I'll be lucky to deliver 15 over what I was at with my twins, 10 over what I was with my singleton. Of course, considering how much extra I started out with this time around, that would be GREAT in the grand scheme of things.

I also noticed that my belly just popped out almost immediately. I was wearing belly pants and maternity shirts by 9 weeks. Nothing else was even remotely comfortable.
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Well, I am much smaller than my first pregnancy, but then again, my first pregnancy was with twins! I know I am bigger this time, there was only 5months 3 days between the last pregnancy and this one. Poor body....
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