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attachment parenting meeting info below...
all are welcome!

"This month's API meeting will be this Thursday, June 16 at 6 PM at Unity Church, 1243 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. (About one mile from 198 expressway going toward downtown.) Parking is in the back. Enter through the rear door on the left as you face the building.

The topic for this meeting will be family nutrition. Come with comments, questions, ideas... about what is healthy nutrition, working with kids' preferences, feeding kids on the go, etc. Also, what are your favorite healthy recipes? We're all looking for healthy ideas that go over well with the kids (and sometimes spouses)!

**Bring a healthy food item to share (let's try those recipes!)... and catch a bite to eat / feed the kids as needed. It can be a snack, appetizer, salad or main dish type item. Running late and don't have anything? Your presence is more important! **"
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