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Bug bite swelling/suggestions??

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My dd has a bug bite(mosquito I assume) on her lower leg.This am I see it has swollen to I'd say the size of an egg.Tried the conventional med creams,but she is still itchy and swollen.What can I put on her leg to reduce the swelling and itching?
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Sara -- Mix up some Baking Soda and water into a thick paste. Put it on the area and let it sit there until it falls off. It will help draw everything out.

Thank you for the suggestion.It is still swollen and itchy,but not as huge now.I will try the paste asa she is asleep.
I put on the baking soda(and some sodiun ascorbate) paste and the swelling was gone by the am.Just a scab left from to much scratching.Thanks again!
THANK YOU for posting this. I know I'm yelling, but darn it I am almost 30 and have always suffered from lots of bug bites and swelling and have never heard of this before.

and my dd has one on her little head that has swollen to the size of a ping pong ball
If you do homeopathic remedies, Apis is the remedy for any sort of insect bite that swells (bee, wasp, gnat, mosquito, etc). We keep a vile in our car for unexpected bites
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