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Bug Bites in 8 week old??

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Today I noticed a round spot on ds arm..It is a small round pink spot and inside the pink spot there is a darker pink /red dot in the middle.. Now its not swollen and he doesnt seem to be bothered by it when its touched. But he is only 8 weeks old so who can really tell. I put some Tea tree oil on it.. If he was to get sick wouldnt he already be showing signs ? its been there for about 2 hours now( that I have noticed) .. Is there things I should look for and things I can do ? TIA
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Could it be ezcema? Ds's ezcema rashes start out this way...sometimes they are isolated spots. Also, could it be pricky heat? If it's not bothering him, I wouldn't worry over much! Just keep an eye on it.
I dont think its excema.. I thought that ezcema had a crusty layer over it or was dry? this is just normal but pink spot with a darker pink middle dot in that.. Its strange. Ya know when there is a new mark on your baby you gotta KNOW what it is LOL.
When Ds starts an eczema 'breakout' he gets little pink circles (like what you're describing) before anything gets dry or crusty. Not all eczema manifests itself like this, but ds's does!

I know what you mean about wanting to know tho! Esp when that mark is on your 8 week old!!

Check out this link
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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