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baby that is, not me. Me, I just want to sleep at 4am.
He's been waking more frequently as of late which I am putting down to several things - teething, trying to crawl, new to solids. I don't love getting up more in the night but really I just nurse him and he goes right back to sleep, no biggey. But lately he wakes up in the middle of the night and he's ready to party. And I mean party
: . Not sure what to do with him. He's content just talking to himself for a bit but then cries. I nurse him but he is still wide eyed and then after that he is just fussy. We're all in the same room and I feel bad b/c dh is the one that has to wake up to an alarm a couple of hours later. Sometimes we get up and he rolls about on the floor for 30-60 min and then he is ready to go back to bed.
He's 7 mos and is usually ready for bed at around 7:30.
Might try pushing his bedtime back a little???
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