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Bug Spray Safe

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I was wondering if anyone knew if it would be safe for me to be in a yard that had been sprayed with Raid Yard Guard (hoping someone has a can lying around, as the Raid site was not too helpful). We have playgroup on Mon. and the mother said she will be spraying the yard with the product prior to the group. I am just not comfortable with this but want to make sure I am not overreacting before letting her know we will not attend. Thanks if you have any info!
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Well, I don't trust anything with the name Raid on it. SO I'd be with you, leery of whether it was OK or not.
No concrete info, but I'm not sure I'd want my kid playing in a yard that's just been sprayed, whether I was pregnant or not.

Maybe you can use your pregnancy as an excuse to meet at the playground or someone elses house instead.

peace, Beth
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